Best Pool Design

With the temperature skyrocketing during the summer months in Australia, it makes sense to start looking at your pool design options. After all, how better to spend those hot months than immersed in cold, refreshing water?

Unfortunately, section sizes are getting smaller and smaller, which means you have less space to work with to create your dream pool. That doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want, but you have to think outside of the square. Here are some of the best pool designs for small spaces.

Plunge Pool

If your need for a pool is more about keeping cool than swimming laps, then a plunge pool might be the answer. It doesn’t take up much room but has the depth you need to cool off and relax. A plunge pool is also more affordable to install due to its small footprint and is more cost-effective to heat as well.

Hidden Pool

If money is not a factor in your decision, then a hidden pool could be the answer to your to small section woes. A hidden pool is one that hides underneath your outdoor entertainment area. Then, at the click of a button, your decking timber can slide back, revealing the pool underneath. Once you finish swimming, you can then push the top back on and resume above-water activities like barbecuing or tennis.

One-Lane Lap Pool

Most houses have a small strip of lawn that runs the length of their boundary before a fence, or something else separates it from the neighboring one. If you don’t use that land, why not turn it into a single-lane lap pool? You can access it from your house, immediately stepping out to the pool. It takes up space you usually don’t use while offering another exercise opportunity as well.

Free-Form Pool

Many people struggle with pool design because they keep sketching out a square or circle pool. Who said it had to be that shape? If you see a landscaping expert for advice, you will find that you can have a pool of any form you like.

Let one adhere to the unique curvatures of your property. You can form it around your garden edges, in the centre of your yard, or anywhere. It can fit and suit the shape of your restricted area.

A Spool

Do you want a spa in the winter months but a pool in summer? You probably don’t have the room for both. A spool is both. It’s small and compact, yet operates as both a source of refreshment or warmth.

The pool design options available will surprise you. You might think there are a lot of restrictions due to your yard size, but a landscaper can do almost anything. Get in touch with a landscaping expert and find out if any of these options above could work for you.