Choose Carpet

These days there are many floor covering choices from timber and tiles to treated cement, vinyl and carpet of different kinds. Many homeowners choose carpet for their floor covering in appropriate areas such as bedrooms, living/lounge rooms and often even dining rooms and halls. The only prerequisite is to have good carpet cleaners when needed. There are several reasons for this.

  • Carpet is aesthetically pleasing. It comes in many different colours, shades, patterns and textures so there is sure to be something to suit your decor, style and colour scheme. You can choose a neutral colour that will go with everything, but you can also make a statement with a specific colour or pattern in the carpet.
  • Carpet is warm and soft underfoot. When the temperature plummets, homes are much colder with other types of flooring, but carpet on the floor is like having a thick blanket to walk on and keep your feet warmer.
  • Because of its softness it is ideal for toddlers who tend to fall over a lot. It can save them sustaining nasty bumps and bruises when they fall on a carpet compared to tiles. It is also warm for them to sit on and play. Older residents can also be at risk of falls and having a carpet to land on will certainly help to prevent injuries and bruising.
  • Carpet is durable. It may not last as long as timber or tiles, but it still lasts for many years, offering value for money. In fact, carpet is a very economical choice for those on a budget.
  • Having carpet means less floor washing. When tiles and timber are used, you need to wash the floor more often. With carpet, an annual shampoo by Carpet Cleaning Perth is all that is required, unless there is a spill that needs a spot clean-up.
  • Since carpet does not scratch or chip there is no need to protect it with layers of polish or a finish such as polyurethane as you need to do for timber or tile flooring, so maintenance is cheaper.
  • Carpets offer insulation from cold, but also from noise. The clatter of shoes on timber flooring can be very distracting for those who are trying to sleep, watch television or study. If you have more than one storey, those underneath will be able to hear every footstep unless you have carpet.
  • Studies have shown that carpet tends to trap airborne dust and pollen that can cause allergies. So long as the carpet is vacuumed regularly, this is a good thing for people who suffer allergies. It also looks cleaner for longer as there are no visible dust bunnies gathering in the corners, which often happens with a hard floor surface.
  • Carpet can be removed and replaced more easily than many other flooring choices. You can get it in tiles so that when wear occurs, only a portion will need replacing. That said, it is not difficult to pull up the whole lot and replace it with another carpet choice when you decide to upgrade or renovate your room – or the whole house.

Some people find that certain carpets smell for ages after installation. This is usually a carpet made from a man-made product. While these are very hardwearing and attractive, it is important to ensure the room has good ventilation so that you are not inhaling the fumes. After some weeks the odour should disappear.