How To Leverage Your Business's Solar Energy System To Attract Environmentally Conscious Customers

How To Leverage Your Business’s Solar Energy System To Attract Environmentally Conscious Customers

If you are planning to or already have solar panels installed on your business premises, we presume that one of the goals of doing so is to reduce your energy costs and, in turn, increase your business’s profits. Even the humblest business economics student knows that reducing costs, assuming revenue remains static, will mean profits rise.

However, it is equally valid that business profits can rise even more when reducing costs if you can increase revenues. In this blog post, will explain how your solar energy system presents numerous opportunities to leverage its installation to attract more customers, especially those with strong views on green matters and who make buying decisions based on their desire to improve the environment.

Showcase Your Solar Energy System

A key element in attracting environmentally conscious customers is visibility. Be sure to showcase your solar energy system prominently on your premises. Here are a few ideas to make it stand out.

  • Display informative signs near the solar panels or in high-traffic areas of your business, explaining the system’s benefits and environmental impact.
  • Incorporate solar panels into your business’s design, making them a visible and integral part of the structure.
  • Share images and information about your solar energy system on your website, social media pages, and marketing materials.
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10 Top Tips On How Best To Clean Your Shower Screen

10 Top Tips On How Best To Clean Your Shower Screen

Even though shower screens do not attract dirt and grime as much as shower curtains do, it does not mean that they do not need cleaning at all. Given that a shower is where you and your family clean yourselves, it stands to reason that some of what you wash off will land on the shower screen. In addition, tiny particles in the water can also end up causing water marks, plus there might be spillages of liquid soap, shampoos, and conditioners that cause soap scum.

All of this means that your shower screen will need cleaning, and we suggest that the more often you do so, the longer they will continue to look great. So, how do you clean shower screens? Well, we don’t just have one tip to help you do so; we have no fewer than ten top tips to help you clean your shower screen.

Shower Screen Cleaning Top Tip #1 – Clean With Vinegar/Dish Soap

Usually, a mix of 1:1 vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle of water will suffice. Spray the solution onto the shower screen, wait 20 minutes and then wipe off with a cloth.

Shower Screen Cleaning Top Tip #2 – Clean With Baking Soda 

Mix baking soda with water to make a cleaning paste. Applying the cleaning paste to your shower screen using a sponge is a great way to get rid of soap scum.

Shower Screen Cleaning Top Tip #3 – Clean With Ammonia

Ensure that you open the bathroom window and wear gloves if using ammonia. Add the ammonia to water in a spray bottle in a mix of 1 part ammonia to 3 parts water. Spray onto the shower screen, and whilst it is still wet, scrub to clean. Rinse all parts of your shower thoroughly to ensure all ammonia traces are gone.

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5 Key Thinking Steps Required To Create Your Ideal Landscape Design

5 Key Thinking Steps Required To Create Your Ideal Landscape Design

Whilst the process of landscaping has many practical considerations and elements to it, we must not overlook the level of thought that has to go into it. This is especially true of the person that the landscape garden is being designed for. We say “for”, however, it is the case that homeowners will play as much a role in discussing, amending, and agreeing upon the final design as anyone, including the landscape design team.

This is why we are discussing the issues of thinking about landscape design. You will find that rather than taking an all-encompassing approach and trying to think of everything at once, it will be more appropriate to think about your new landscape design in steps or stages. You can have as many of these as suits you, but to help you get started, we have identified five key thinking stages concerning landscape design.

Thinking Step #1 – Discover Your “Why”

The first thinking step, and one which surprisingly many homeowners seem to struggle with, is to discover your “why“. You do not have to find some spiritual reason, although if you do you will join many homeowners who find their new garden gives them a place where they can be still and relax.

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Best Carpet Cleaning Techniques for a Fresh and Spotless Home

Carpet cleaning is an important part of maintaining a healthy, inviting home. Not only does it help keep your home free from dirt, dust and allergens, but it also helps to extend the life of your carpets. Regular carpet cleaning can help to keep your carpets looking their best for years to come. The right carpet cleaning techniques can make a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your home. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the best carpet cleaning techniques to help you achieve a spotless, fresh home. From pre-treating and deep cleaning to steam cleaning and more, you can learn how to keep your carpets looking like new with the right tools and techniques. So, if you’re ready to get your carpets looking their best, read on to learn more about the best carpet cleaning techniques for a fresh and spotless home.

1. Vacuum Regularly

Carpet cleaning is a tedious task, and it can be difficult to know where to start. One of the best and easiest ways to keep your carpets clean is to vacuum regularly. This technique helps remove loose dirt, dust, and pet fur from your carpets, as well as any small particles and allergens that can collect over time. To get the most out of your vacuum, make sure to use the appropriate attachments and setting for your carpet, as well as moving the vacuum in different directions to ensure that any dirt and debris is thoroughly removed. Vacuuming regularly will help keep your carpets looking and feeling fresh and spotless.

2. Use a Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning is a great way to deep clean your carpets and get rid of stubborn stains. It works by using a hot water spray and a vacuum system to extract dirt, dust and other debris from the carpeting. Watch out, though – steam cleaning can be a bit intensive and can lead to over-wetting if done in an improper manner. To avoid this, make sure to use only a small amount of water and use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to quickly suction the moisture away. This method is great for getting rid of pet odors and sanitizing carpets, too.

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What to Consider When Planning Your Landscape

What to Consider When Planning Your Landscape

Whether you’re starting with a blank slate or undertaking a significant overhaul of your current landscaping, there’s a lot to think about above and beyond what plants you like.

You have to consider your property’s positioning, who uses it, themes, future-proofing, and much more. If you’re about to start looking at your options, don’t forget to put thought into the following points.

The Climate

You might think that all you need to know about your yard is its size and what you like and dislike, but that’s not all. Before you even get to that stage, you must consider your regional climate, soil type, and topography.

These points can all contribute to the landscaping features you rely on and even the techniques you use to get the desired result. Use the Bureau of Meteorology for some helpful information on climate zones for temperature and humidity.

With their information, you can determine the plant types to suit various regions, like the cool temperate climate of Tasmania, through to the hot conditions of Western Australia.

Yard Users

The most frequent visitors to your yard can be who you end up catering for in your final design. While you might like a beautiful cottage garden with rare plants, your treasure-hunting hound may see those plans being less than ideal. Cater for your users, and you’ll end up with a practical and functional space.

You might decide to have a lawn area for your pets – which will require lawn mowing, a play area for the kids – which will require safety parameters, and an entertainment area for you and your friends. Making sure everyone is catered for is something to factor into your landscaping plan early on.

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7 Landscaping Ideas Which Require Minimal Maintenance

7 Landscaping Ideas which require Minimal Maintenance

If you are someone who has the time and the desire to spend every possible waking hour tending to the landscaping in your garden, then this is probably not the article for you. However, if you are someone who loves their garden, but have no inclination to become a full-time landscaper, and would prefer the maintenance of your landscaping design to be as easy as possible, then you certainly want to read on.

We say that because it is true that not everyone who loves the process of planning and implementing a landscaping design in their garden, is as much a fan of the maintenance that is required. That is not meant to suggest you not enjoy gardening and making your garden look as beautiful as possible for as long as possible with the help of Landscaping Perth. But, and this goes for many gardeners, there is nothing wrong with looking for ways to make that maintenance simpler and less like hard work.

If that sounds like you, here we have 7 awesome ideas that will allow you to create an awesome landscaping design within your garden, but which do not need constant or significant levels of maintenance thereafter.

Switch To Evergreen Plants

Clearing leaves is one of those maintenance jobs that are necessary but also not much fun. There is a solution and that is to simply switch out as many of the plants which shed their leaves in autumn and replace them with evergreen plants. You do not have to switch out every one of them, but enough so that the number of leaves you need to clear each autumn is reduced significantly.

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3 Ways To Ensure Your First Ever Landscaping Project Does Not End In Failure

3 Ways To Ensure Your First Ever Landscaping Project Does Not End In Failure

If you are new to landscaping, landscape design and garden makeovers, we first want to welcome you. Whether it is because you have moved to a new house and now have a garden that needs redesigning, or you have decided that it was time your lacklustre garden has a new lease of life, or even if you see landscaping as a new career, then you are going to love landscaping design.

It offers many benefits such as being able to use your imagination to create a landscaping design, learning about design concepts, discovering the does and they don’t with regards to which plants are suitable within certain soils, and also gaining experience about the sorts of features that can make landscape designs that extra bit special. With all that and more, we are sure you cannot wait to get started.

However, at the risk of somewhat curtailing your eagerness to start your first landscaping design project, we have a word of warning. There are several mistakes that many landscaping beginners often make, and we want to try and ensure that you do not go down that same route. As such, we have three essential landscaping points from the gardening gurus at, which we urge you to read and follow. By doing so, you will ensure your first landscaping project has a great chance of being a complete success.

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Top Bathroom Cabinet Trends of 2021

Top Bathroom Cabinet Trends of 2021

When you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, it can be hard to know where to start. Sure, a cabinet maker can offer some helpful advice on cabinetry types. Still, it’s also convenient if you can at least decide on a style you prefer before you start looking in earnest.

One of the most important things to consider is what will not only be on-trend today but remain so for years to come. A bathroom renovation is not something you will want to be doing too often. Check out some of these top bathroom cabinet trends of 2021 below to give yourself a starting point.

Floating Vanities

For the last few years, floating vanities have been growing in popularity by the day, and 2021 is proving to be no different. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and their off-the-ground styling can make a bathroom look much larger than it is.

What’s more, you can store items underneath them, such as spare toilet paper or the bathroom scale that never seems to have somewhere to live.

Floating vanities, which are also called wall-mount bathroom vanities, tend to be ideal for contemporary homes. However, that’s not to say they wouldn’t fit in with homes of a classic style. You can choose complete units with countertops and sinks or mix and match to ensure you have the most seamless style for your home.

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How To Safely Clean Composite Decking

How To Safely Clean Composite Decking

One of the biggest advantages of composite decking over decking made from other materials, such as timber, is that it requires a lot less maintenance, meaning less need for Sydney deck repairs.

For many, this is the clincher in terms of choosing which decking they buy, not just because you do not need to spend as much time maintaining composite decking, but because it also costs a lot less to maintain. Given that decking will likely last many years, over time, the savings made due to fewer maintenance costs will be considerable.

Now, whilst composite decking may need less time and money spent on it with regards to maintenance, that does not mean it is completely maintenance-free. In other words, you do need to clean it and maintain it, so here are some of the basics that you can do in order to ensure your composite decking looks great, and for longer.

The amount of time you will need to carry out the cleaning of composite decking is minimal, and in most cases, it should amount to no more than a few hours every year. In fact, many decking owners set aside a day during a weekend in the summer, and that is it.

Note we said summer as this is the best time of the year to carry out cleaning on composite decking because it means your decking should be at its driest, and any water you use as part of the cleaning process should evaporate in no time.

First, you should remove all the furniture which you have on your decking, including tables, chairs, barbecue grills and plant pots. Not only will this make it easier to clean the decking, but safer, as you will be amazed how many accidents happen with people tripping over and bumping into decking furniture as they try to clean around them.

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Moving House

How to Unpack And Organise Your Belongings After Moving House

Have you just decided to move to a new home? Congratulations, especially if you plan to use professional removalists to make the switch as stress-free as possible. Once you move in, there will two major tasks that await you, namely unpacking and then organising your new home. This can be very time-consuming and if you’re not doing it right, it can be an energy drainer too.

Hopefully, before you moved out of your old house, you took time to decide what you were keeping, what you were donating to charity, and what you were going to sell as second-hand. This is a great way to earn a few extra dollars, do something for good causes, and importantly, reduce the number of items you need to pack, and subsequently unpack and organise in your new home.

Ideally, when it comes to packing the items you are taking with you, you should identify boxes, either by using a numbering or lettering to code them, or by using colour markers. Whichever you choose, you should mark the boxes based on what room they are going to, and as best as possible, what is in the box.

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