5 Key Thinking Steps Required To Create Your Ideal Landscape Design

5 Key Thinking Steps Required To Create Your Ideal Landscape Design

Whilst the process of landscaping has many practical considerations and elements to it, we must not overlook the level of thought that has to go into it. This is especially true of the person that the landscape garden is being designed for. We say “for”, however, it is the case that homeowners will play as much a role in discussing, amending, and agreeing upon the final design as anyone, including the landscape design team.

This is why we are discussing the issues of thinking about landscape design. You will find that rather than taking an all-encompassing approach and trying to think of everything at once, it will be more appropriate to think about your new landscape design in steps or stages. You can have as many of these as suits you, but to help you get started, we have identified five key thinking stages concerning landscape design.

Thinking Step #1 – Discover Your “Why”

The first thinking step, and one which surprisingly many homeowners seem to struggle with, is to discover your “why“. You do not have to find some spiritual reason, although if you do you will join many homeowners who find their new garden gives them a place where they can be still and relax.

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Fish Pond

Benefits of Adding a Fish Pond Into Your Landscape Design

If you’ve been thumbing through the pages of landscape design or home and garden magazines, you’ll see few properties without a pond. At least half, if not more, have a fish pond or standard water feature present, enhancing the overall appeal of the property.

It’s not there by coincidence. Even though some people believe ponds are too high maintenance, it all depends on what you have. Utilising expert help to install and maintain it can also put an end to that worry. If you need further convincing about why introducing a fishpond into your landscape design may be a good idea, then read on.

Calming and Peaceful

Imagine you’ve had a hectic, busy day. You’ve had people screaming down the line at you at the office, managers on your case, and then you end up stuck in traffic with cars tooting and people yelling. Your entire day has been one filled with noise.

But then you get home, head into your back yard, and all you hear is the gentle babble of water flowing onto rocks. The world is silent for the first time in your day, and it feels spectacular. Do you even need to read on? It might be time to call a landscape design expert to get that pond drawn out immediately.

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