7 Landscaping Ideas Which Require Minimal Maintenance

If you are someone who has the time and the desire to spend every possible waking hour tending to the landscaping in your garden, then this is probably not the article for you. However, if you are someone who loves their garden, but have no inclination to become a full-time landscaper, and would prefer the maintenance of your landscaping design to be as easy as possible, then you certainly want to read on.

We say that because it is true that not everyone who loves the process of planning and implementing a landscaping design in their garden, is as much a fan of the maintenance that is required. That is not meant to suggest you not enjoy gardening and making your garden look as beautiful as possible for as long as possible with the help of Landscaping Perth. But, and this goes for many gardeners, there is nothing wrong with looking for ways to make that maintenance simpler and less like hard work.

If that sounds like you, here we have 7 awesome ideas that will allow you to create an awesome landscaping design within your garden, but which do not need constant or significant levels of maintenance thereafter.

Switch To Evergreen Plants

Clearing leaves is one of those maintenance jobs that are necessary but also not much fun. There is a solution and that is to simply switch out as many of the plants which shed their leaves in autumn and replace them with evergreen plants. You do not have to switch out every one of them, but enough so that the number of leaves you need to clear each autumn is reduced significantly.

Install Decking

Anywhere you have decking is not only providing a secure and safe route for you and your family to walk around your garden, but it also means less maintenance. Decking, once installed, requires very little maintenance other than occasional sweeping. Compare that with areas of grass and plants which will need maintenance almost daily.

Add Rocks In Your Landscaping Design

Within landscaping design, rocks can be an eye-catching visual feature especially if you use a variety of rocks with different sizes, shapes, and colours. Better still, by their very nature, rocks need almost zero maintenance so in places where you might have thought about adding more plants that obviously would need maintenance, use rocks instead.

Use Tall Grasses

The use of tall grasses throughout your landscaping provides not only several beautiful features but can also reduce the amount of maintenance you need to do too. Tall grasses are not the sort that needs mowing, so that remove that work, plus once they start to grow, other than ensuring they have sufficient sunlight and moisture, you can pretty much leave them alone.

Switch To Artificial Grass

Sticking with the theme of grass, we come to an idea that many landscapers baulk at, but which is a highly effective way of reducing maintenance. Obviously, artificial grass does not require mowing, but it is also not going to be scorched by the sun, need feeding, nor should it flood if a rainstorm should occur. Modern artificial grasses now look closer to the real thing than previously.

Create Pathways

As we have mentioned a couple of times the more places where you have items that require little or no maintenance instead of pants, the less work for you. Another effective one is to include pathways throughout your garden. This can be done in a multitude of ways such as shaped concrete slabs, woodchips, or gravel.

Use Fixed Features Of All Types, Colours And Sizes

Our last idea is going to require your imagination and is one that can be unique. We are talking about adding fixed features to your garden. These can be made from just about any material you can imagine and can be just about anything but what they all have in common is they reduce maintenance. Just a few ideas include benches, statues, abstract shapes, small ponds, fountains, tables, chairs, and even a children’s play area.