Top Bathroom Cabinet Trends of 2021

Top Bathroom Cabinet Trends of 2021

When you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom, it can be hard to know where to start. Sure, a cabinet maker can offer some helpful advice on cabinetry types. Still, it’s also convenient if you can at least decide on a style you prefer before you start looking in earnest.

One of the most important things to consider is what will not only be on-trend today but remain so for years to come. A bathroom renovation is not something you will want to be doing too often. Check out some of these top bathroom cabinet trends of 2021 below to give yourself a starting point.

Floating Vanities

For the last few years, floating vanities have been growing in popularity by the day, and 2021 is proving to be no different. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, and their off-the-ground styling can make a bathroom look much larger than it is.

What’s more, you can store items underneath them, such as spare toilet paper or the bathroom scale that never seems to have somewhere to live.

Floating vanities, which are also called wall-mount bathroom vanities, tend to be ideal for contemporary homes. However, that’s not to say they wouldn’t fit in with homes of a classic style. You can choose complete units with countertops and sinks or mix and match to ensure you have the most seamless style for your home.

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How To Safely Clean Composite Decking

How To Safely Clean Composite Decking

One of the biggest advantages of composite decking over decking made from other materials, such as timber, is that it requires a lot less maintenance.

For many, this is the clincher in terms of choosing which decking they buy, not just because you do not need to spend as much time maintaining composite decking, but that it also costs a lot less to maintain. Given that decking will likely last many years, over time, the savings made due to fewer maintenance costs, will be considerable.

Now, whilst composite decking may need less time and money spent on it with regards to maintenance, that does not mean it is completely maintenance free. In other words, you do need to clean it and maintain it, so here are some of the basics that you can do in order to ensure your composite decking looks great, and for longer.

The amount of time you will need to carry out the cleaning of composite decking is minimal, and in most cases, it should amount to no more than a few hours every year. In fact, many decking owners set aside a day during a weekend in the summer, and that is it.

Note we said summer as this is the best time of the year to carry out cleaning on composite decking because it means your decking should be at its driest, and any water you use as part of the cleaning process should evaporate in no time.

First, you should remove all the furniture which you have on your decking, including tables, chairs, barbecue grills and plant pots. Not only will this make it easier to clean the decking, but safer, as you will be amazed how many accidents happen with people tripping over and bumping into decking furniture as they try to clean around them.

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Moving House

How to Unpack And Organise Your Belongings After Moving House

Have you just decided to move to a new home? Congratulations, especially if you plan to use professional removalists from, to make the switch as stress-free as possible. Once you move in, there will two major tasks that await you, namely unpacking and then organising your new home. This can be very time-consuming and if you’re not doing it right, it can be an energy drainer too.

Hopefully, before you moved out of your old house, you took time to decide what you were keeping, what you were donating to charity, and what you were going to sell as second-hand. This is a great way to earn a few extra dollars, do something for good causes, and importantly, reduce the number of items you need to pack, and subsequently unpack and organise in your new home.

Ideally, when it comes to packing the items you are taking with you, you should identify boxes, either by using a numbering or lettering to code them, or by using colour markers. Whichever you choose, you should mark the boxes based on what room they are going to, and as best as possible, what is in the box.

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Secure Your Office

Choosing the Right Security Team to Secure Your Office

There are literally hundreds of different security businesses spread across Australia. Some specialise in personal security alarm systems, while others are better at looking after business and commercial clients.

If you run a business, you need to have a security system protecting your premises. It’s that simple. However, choosing the right security team to take care of things for you isn’t that easy. Because of this, we’ve put together the following guide which outlines the things you need to think about when choosing the right security professionals.

Consider Their Experience in the Industry

The first thing you want to find out is how much experience the businesses you’re considering have in the security industry. In many cases, you will be trusting the safety of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars worth of sensitive equipment and information into the hands of your security team.

In general, we’d recommend using someone who specialises in business security. They should have a lot more experience securing commercial properties, and will likely be able to help you develop the perfect security solution for your situation.

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Choosing Professional Landscapers

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Professional Landscapers

Some people do decide to attempt to landscape their property on their own, but the cast majority employ the services of professional landscapers you find on Landscape Association. There are plenty of reasons for this, including time, cost and stress reduction. And, using a professional is obviously the best way to ensure things are done right the first time.

However, it can be difficult to choose the right contractor, especially if you’ve never employed a landscaper before. Because of this, we decided to put together the following list of five things to consider when choosing a professional landscaper such as Landscape Design Sydney. They include:

Their Reputation

It’s always a good idea to pay attention to a landscaping company’s reputation before you commit to hiring them. Make sure that you do some research, and keep the following in mind:

  • Do some research online, and pay special attention to recent reviews on business directories like Google My Business.
  • Ask around your family and friend groups to see if they have any experience or recommendations.
  • Look carefully at past customer experiences. Ask for photos of past work if possible.

Once you’ve narrowed down your list to a handful with great reputations, you can start to look deeper.

  • Their Licences/Qualifications

Although landscaping isn’t necessarily the most skilled job in the world, it’s also a good idea to pay special attention to the licences and qualifications of the companies you’re considering. Go for one that’s properly licenced as a business, and which employs a selection of qualified workers. This will ensure that your job is done right and on time, the first time and significantly increase the value of your home and property.

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Save Money and Stress With These Top Moving Tips

Although moving house is a very stressful and costly process for some, it absolutely doesn’t have to be. There are numerous things that you can do to make the process easier for yourself and those around you, including hiring a team of professional removalists.

However, hiring a removals team won’t magically eliminate your stress. There will still be a lot of things that you have to take care of, and these can take some time and effort if you’re not careful.

In the rest of this article we’ve drawn on our years of industry experience to bring you a short list of our top moving tips to save you money and stress. They include:

  1. Use Second-Hand Packing Materials

You might be surprised by the amount of money you can save by using second-hand packing materials. Rather than heading down to your local shop and buying new moving gear, think about where else you could source some from.

  • Post an ad on your social media profile asking for people to donate boxes, bubble wrap and packaging materials. You might be surprised how many people have stuff sitting in their shed from their last move.
  • Head in and chat to a couple of local business owners and see if they are willing to let you take some empty packaging boxes.
  • Ask family or friends who have moved recently.
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Best Pool Design

Best Pool Design for Small Spaces

With the temperature skyrocketing during the summer months in Australia, it makes sense to start looking at your pool design options. After all, how better to spend those hot months than immersed in cold, refreshing water?

Unfortunately, section sizes are getting smaller and smaller, which means you have less space to work with to create your dream pool. That doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want, but you have to think outside of the square. Here are some of the best pool designs for small spaces.

Plunge Pool

If your need for a pool is more about keeping cool than swimming laps, then a plunge pool might be the answer. It doesn’t take up much room but has the depth you need to cool off and relax. A plunge pool is also more affordable to install due to its small footprint and is more cost-effective to heat as well.

Hidden Pool

If money is not a factor in your decision, then a hidden pool could be the answer to your to small section woes. A hidden pool is one that hides underneath your outdoor entertainment area. Then, at the click of a button, your decking timber can slide back, revealing the pool underneath. Once you finish swimming, you can then push the top back on and resume above-water activities like barbecuing or tennis.

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Choose Carpet

9 Reasons to Choose Carpet for Your Floor Covering

These days there are many floor covering choices from timber and tiles to treated cement, vinyl and carpet of different kinds. Many homeowners choose carpet for their floor covering in appropriate areas such as bedrooms, living/lounge rooms and often even dining rooms and halls. The only prerequisite is to have good carpet cleaners when needed. There are several reasons for this.

  • Carpet is aesthetically pleasing. It comes in many different colours, shades, patterns and textures so there is sure to be something to suit your decor, style and colour scheme. You can choose a neutral colour that will go with everything, but you can also make a statement with a specific colour or pattern in the carpet.
  • Carpet is warm and soft underfoot. When the temperature plummets, homes are much colder with other types of flooring, but carpet on the floor is like having a thick blanket to walk on and keep your feet warmer.
  • Because of its softness it is ideal for toddlers who tend to fall over a lot. It can save them sustaining nasty bumps and bruises when they fall on a carpet compared to tiles. It is also warm for them to sit on and play. Older residents can also be at risk of falls and having a carpet to land on will certainly help to prevent injuries and bruising.
  • Carpet is durable. It may not last as long as timber or tiles, but it still lasts for many years, offering value for money. In fact, carpet is a very economical choice for those on a budget.
  • Having carpet means less floor washing. When tiles and timber are used, you need to wash the floor more often. With carpet, an annual shampoo by Carpet Cleaning Perth is all that is required, unless there is a spill that needs a spot clean-up.
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Fish Pond

Benefits of Adding a Fish Pond Into Your Landscape Design

If you’ve been thumbing through the pages of landscape design or home and garden magazines, you’ll see few properties without a pond. At least half, if not more, have a fish pond or standard water feature present, enhancing the overall appeal of the property.

It’s not there by coincidence. Even though some people believe ponds are too high maintenance, it all depends on what you have. Utilising expert help to install and maintain it can also put an end to that worry. If you need further convincing about why introducing a fishpond into your landscape design may be a good idea, then read on.

Calming and Peaceful

Imagine you’ve had a hectic, busy day. You’ve had people screaming down the line at you at the office, managers on your case, and then you end up stuck in traffic with cars tooting and people yelling. Your entire day has been one filled with noise.

But then you get home, head into your back yard, and all you hear is the gentle babble of water flowing onto rocks. The world is silent for the first time in your day, and it feels spectacular. Do you even need to read on? It might be time to call a landscape design expert to get that pond drawn out immediately.

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Common Fencing Mistakes

Common Fencing Mistakes

Fencing is a mandatory practice in most corporate settings, although many businesses do not give it the importance it requires. Even when it comes to residential properties, fencing is advisable. In most cases, the aid of an expert is sought for the setting up of the fence. However, there are some of us who prefer to do it on our own, only ensure that you adhere to the Building Act QLD. Whichever side of the shore you belong to, it is a good idea to learn about the common mistakes in fencing, so that you can avoid making them. Also, it serves as a good set of pointers.

Explained below are some of the most common mistakes made in the art of fencing.

  • Spacing the posts and poles – One the primary disadvantages of using too few posts is that the space between two adjacent pieces ends up being too high. This results in defeating the entire purpose of fencing, which is to offer security to the property that is fenced. Spacing them too close together will give the appearance of imprisonment. The key is to space them right, perhaps around fifty feet apart. This way, they aren’t too close or too far apart. Balance is of primary importance here. You can even use a ‘stay,’ which is a post that is placed on the ground in order to support the wires.
  • Taking care of the roots – The fence needs to be firmly implanted and grounded. Otherwise the entire thing will collapse in a few days or weeks. Sometimes, the security fencing may not even last a few hours. Ideally, about one-third of the post or pole needs to be inserted into the earth in order to offer a strong and reliable foundation. An easy way to test the firmness of the implantation is to manually shake them up. If they withstand the pressure, you’re probably good to go. You can also use cross posts to add greater support. These can be placed horizontally across two or more poles.
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