10 Top Tips On How Best To Clean Your Shower Screen

10 Top Tips On How Best To Clean Your Shower Screen

Even though shower screens do not attract dirt and grime as much as shower curtains do, it does not mean that they do not need cleaning at all. Given that a shower is where you and your family clean yourselves, it stands to reason that some of what you wash off will land on the shower screen. In addition, tiny particles in the water can also end up causing water marks, plus there might be spillages of liquid soap, shampoos, and conditioners that cause soap scum.

All of this means that your shower screen will need cleaning, and we suggest that the more often you do so, the longer they will continue to look great. So, how do you clean shower screens? Well, we don’t just have one tip to help you do so; we have no fewer than ten top tips to help you clean your shower screen.

Shower Screen Cleaning Top Tip #1 – Clean With Vinegar/Dish Soap

Usually, a mix of 1:1 vinegar and dish soap in a spray bottle of water will suffice. Spray the solution onto the shower screen, wait 20 minutes and then wipe off with a cloth.

Shower Screen Cleaning Top Tip #2 – Clean With Baking Soda 

Mix baking soda with water to make a cleaning paste. Applying the cleaning paste to your shower screen using a sponge is a great way to get rid of soap scum.

Shower Screen Cleaning Top Tip #3 – Clean With Ammonia

Ensure that you open the bathroom window and wear gloves if using ammonia. Add the ammonia to water in a spray bottle in a mix of 1 part ammonia to 3 parts water. Spray onto the shower screen, and whilst it is still wet, scrub to clean. Rinse all parts of your shower thoroughly to ensure all ammonia traces are gone.

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How To Safely Clean Composite Decking

How To Safely Clean Composite Decking

One of the biggest advantages of composite decking over decking made from other materials, such as timber, is that it requires a lot less maintenance, meaning less need for Sydney deck repairs.

For many, this is the clincher in terms of choosing which decking they buy, not just because you do not need to spend as much time maintaining composite decking, but because it also costs a lot less to maintain. Given that decking will likely last many years, over time, the savings made due to fewer maintenance costs will be considerable.

Now, whilst composite decking may need less time and money spent on it with regards to maintenance, that does not mean it is completely maintenance-free. In other words, you do need to clean it and maintain it, so here are some of the basics that you can do in order to ensure your composite decking looks great, and for longer.

The amount of time you will need to carry out the cleaning of composite decking is minimal, and in most cases, it should amount to no more than a few hours every year. In fact, many decking owners set aside a day during a weekend in the summer, and that is it.

Note we said summer as this is the best time of the year to carry out cleaning on composite decking because it means your decking should be at its driest, and any water you use as part of the cleaning process should evaporate in no time.

First, you should remove all the furniture which you have on your decking, including tables, chairs, barbecue grills and plant pots. Not only will this make it easier to clean the decking, but safer, as you will be amazed how many accidents happen with people tripping over and bumping into decking furniture as they try to clean around them.

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Save Money and Stress With These Top Moving Tips

Although moving house is a very stressful and costly process for some, it absolutely doesn’t have to be. There are numerous things that you can do to make the process easier for yourself and those around you, including hiring a team of professional removalists.

However, hiring a removals team won’t magically eliminate your stress. There will still be a lot of things that you have to take care of, and these can take some time and effort if you’re not careful.

In the rest of this article we’ve drawn on our years of industry experience to bring you a short list of our top moving tips to save you money and stress. They include:

  1. Use Second-Hand Packing Materials

You might be surprised by the amount of money you can save by using second-hand packing materials. Rather than heading down to your local shop and buying new moving gear, think about where else you could source some from.

  • Post an ad on your social media profile asking for people to donate boxes, bubble wrap and packaging materials. You might be surprised how many people have stuff sitting in their shed from their last move.
  • Head in and chat to a couple of local business owners and see if they are willing to let you take some empty packaging boxes.
  • Ask family or friends who have moved recently.
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Best Pool Design

Best Pool Design for Small Spaces

With the temperature skyrocketing during the summer months in Australia, it makes sense to start looking at your pool design options. After all, how better to spend those hot months than immersed in cold, refreshing water?

Unfortunately, section sizes are getting smaller and smaller, which means you have less space to work with to create your dream pool. That doesn’t mean you can’t have what you want, but you have to think outside of the square. Here are some of the best pool designs for small spaces.

Plunge Pool

If your need for a pool is more about keeping cool than swimming laps, then a plunge pool might be the answer. It doesn’t take up much room but has the depth you need to cool off and relax. A plunge pool is also more affordable to install due to its small footprint and is more cost-effective to heat as well.

Hidden Pool

If money is not a factor in your decision, then a hidden pool could be the answer to your to small section woes. A hidden pool is one that hides underneath your outdoor entertainment area. Then, at the click of a button, your decking timber can slide back, revealing the pool underneath. Once you finish swimming, you can then push the top back on and resume above-water activities like barbecuing or tennis.

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Home Office

Tips To Decorate Your Home Office Stylishly

The whole idea behind working from home is to give you the comfort and ease which…well only our HOMES can give. The narrow depressing confines of crowded office cubicles can be a game ender in the true sense and that’s why more and more entrepreneurs are deciding to call in removalists and opting for the “work from home” option.

Now that, you have made the decision of managing your business sitting in your living room, you must also make it a point to create the best home office space which would not only give you the creative independence but also inspire you to work more! Here are some tips which you should remember while creating the best workspace for you ever.

  • Hide those ugly cables and wirings away– invest in some neutral coloured wire caskets which hide and contain all the wires making it look good as well as safe.
  • Making sure it’s not TOO casual– working from home still means deadlines and targets, which is a serious business. It may be fun to have a stress free atmosphere but a home office should not be placed near TV or home theatre system which would not let you work at all. Instead put a beautiful painting or better still, a large framed family photograph which would not distract but inspire.
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Kitchen Cabinets

Preliminaries Before Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets

There are a few important matters you should get squared away before you begin remodelling or buying new cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom. If there’s one thing that custom cabinet makers dislike, it’s shoppers who are unprepared, and as a result, are always changing the specifications of a job right up to the last minute. As well as creating headaches for the cabinet maker, it adds costs to the project.

If you want to avoid these frustrations and cost blow outs, do some planning before you meet a cabinet maker.

Follow a few tips to help you:

  • Set a Budget for the Project

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the job, whether it will be a straight forward door replacement or a complete kitchen refurbish, set a realistic budget. The cabinets are usually part of the rebuild or remodelling. There should be an itemised breakdown of the project costs, including the cabinets.

A budget is a form of discipline for you and the contractor(s) involved. Common sense tells you that setting a dollar figure can mean the difference between a great job at a good price, or a cost blowout that might kill the project completely – unfinished.

Cabinets in a kitchen or bathroom job make up about 40-50% of the total cost.

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