Security Screens

The 4 Best Kinds of Security Screens for Your Home’s Windows

Often times, people spend a lot of money and time in making sure that the doors of their homes are properly secured. Sadly, they forget to ensure that their windows are well-guarded as well. This results in unexpected break-ins and loss of lives and property. In order to counteract and nullify this threat, security screens for doors and windows were invented. Today, there are several kinds of security screens available in the home furnishing market. While you obviously need to consider the aesthetic aspects of the product you decide to buy, it is of primary importance to make sure that they screen satisfies its main purpose – security.

The best kinds of screens available are –

  1. Stainless Steel Mesh Screens – Stainless steel screens that are finely woven are incredibly strong, and they are flexible as well. This makes it impossible to break through it or even to kick in. There are versions of the stainless steel mesh screens that have been cyclone approved and fire approved, making them an invaluable asset to the security of your home. The best part about these mesh screens is that you can enjoy high levels of protection without having to shut your windows off, as the mesh allows for natural air circulation. 

  1. Metal Grille Screens – These screens are more permanent than mesh screens, as they almost always for a part of the window itself. Made of strong metals like iron, these are nearly impossible to penetrate. They can be painted in different colours as well, to match the general colours in your home. The only drawback is that they cannot be temporarily removed in order to let in the sun or improve the wind circulation. However, that is a small compromise to make in the face of the steady protection these screens have to offer. 
  1. Aluminium Window Screens – These screens can be made of natural aluminium, or they can be used in their black or charcoal colour painted version. The latter makes it much less visible. These screens have two primary advantages. Firstly, they are priced at very reasonable levels, and this makes them worth investing in. Secondly, considering the affordable price you have to pay for them, they offer really solid levels of protection. In other words, you get a lot more than your money’s worth. 
  1. Fiberglass Security Screens – This is the most modern approach to security screen designing. Posh and high class establishments opt for these screens as they do not interfere with the décor of the building at all. Instead, they enhance the appearance of a room. The use of unbreakable fiberglass thus helps to fulfil two purposes in one stroke – to maintain and enhance the look of a place, and to simultaneously never compromise on its security. Fiberglass screens can also be coupled with metal bars or grills for a double layer of protection. The metal bars can be painted according to the user’s preferences.

There are other options available as well, such as bronze screens, fibre screens, and even mini doors. The ideal way to go about this is to weigh the pros and cons, and pick what suits your needs best.