Fish Pond

If you’ve been thumbing through the pages of landscape design or home and garden magazines, you’ll see few properties without a pond. At least half, if not more, have a fish pond or standard water feature present, enhancing the overall appeal of the property.

It’s not there by coincidence. Even though some people believe ponds are too high maintenance, it all depends on what you have. Utilising expert help to install and maintain it can also put an end to that worry. If you need further convincing about why introducing a fishpond into your landscape design may be a good idea, then read on.

Calming and Peaceful

Imagine you’ve had a hectic, busy day. You’ve had people screaming down the line at you at the office, managers on your case, and then you end up stuck in traffic with cars tooting and people yelling. Your entire day has been one filled with noise.

But then you get home, head into your back yard, and all you hear is the gentle babble of water flowing onto rocks. The world is silent for the first time in your day, and it feels spectacular. Do you even need to read on? It might be time to call a landscape design expert to get that pond drawn out immediately.

Aiding Wildlife

Urbanisation has meant a lot of animals are struggling to find out where they fit in, in the world. That safe place could be in your yard. When you add a water source, you can attract beautiful birds and frogs to call your outdoor paradise theirs. You also get to choose different fish to keep the pond clean.

Water Conservation

A pond can quickly become a natural water source or run-off area, removing the need to use tap water. You can even run a gutter system to your pond, drawing on that water at any time, should you need it in times of drought.

Increase Your Property Value

Any small change you make to your landscape design can add dollar signs to your home’s value. Therefore, think about how much value you can add with a pond? If you partner it with beautiful plants, paths, swimming pool and other landscape design elements, you could be adding far more value than you ever thought possible.

Family Fun

Choosing fish, pond plants, and taking care of maintenance can all be part of family bonding time. The kids can feed the fish with supervision, and they can even accompany you to the pet store to choose them. Building a pond can be an exciting time.

A fish pond might seem like yet another thing in your yard you have to maintain, but it doesn’t have to be. Ask your local landscape design expert about the various options available, and how such an addition can benefit your home’s appeal.